Thursday, April 1, 2010

Worst Day

Rooster & Fay Wray 2009

My rooster is gone and I am completely heart broken. I don't think I will ever be the same without him.

It turns out he had a large tumor in his throat which was preventing him from eating. I was mixing a high calorie wet food with water so he could drink his food during his last few days but he was still choking on it. Sunday morning I woke up to the sound of him choking and gagging on mucus and he was foaming at the mouth. His tumor was compressing his airway. I rushed him to the emergency vet and they put him in an oxygen tank for a few hours but he was not improving. There isn't much success in removing an esophageal tumor in cats and so I had to make the hardest decision of my life to let him go.

My surviving cat, Fay, is very distraught. She is continuously wandering around the house crying and looking everywhere for him. It is very upsetting because I can't explain it to her and it makes my heart hurt even more to know how much she misses him too.

I was there for his birth. He was the very last kitten born and was coming out feet first. He got stuck with just his legs out and his sac broke. I was afraid he would suffocate so I decided to pull him out of the mother by his legs and she was not happy about that. She clawed at my arms while I pulled him out as gently as I could. We were instantly bonded by his traumatic birth. After he was weened, he would sleep on my head and lick my lips if I kissed his nose. He was the smallest kitten in the bunch and I always wanted a small cat so I decided to keep him. Little did I know he would turn into a giant 21 pound cat :)

Rooster has been my loyal companion for almost 13 years now and he has helped me survive some of the hardest and darkest times of my life. He has moved across the country and back again with me, and has seen me grow from a girl into a woman. I was holding him for his very first breath and I was holding him for his very last. In the end he was calm and purring when he passed. I held his body and kissed his nose one last time. Rest in peace my sweet Rooster, and me in pieces. 1997-2010

Rooster & Fay Wray 2010

Rooster & Romeo 1997

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Worst Week

Sorry I've been MIA again. It has been a rough week. I've been sick with some new internal thing where my body has decided that food is the enemy and as usual the doctors don't know what's wrong with me. I will be going in for an upper GI exam and an abdominal ultrasound next week.

But the worst part of this week is that my cat, Rooster, is very sick. He has also been having a hard time eating. It turns out his tonsils are so swollen that food can't get down his throat and he almost died Thursday night choking on food and mucus. I rushed him to the emergency vet and he quit breathing in the car on the way there. Thankfully they managed to clear his airway and get him back and he seems fine except when he tries to eat. I have to liquify his food and he still has trouble getting it down. He is the closest thing I have to a child and I would be devastated if anything happened to him.

He is 12-years-old and I actually delivered him when he was born. When I am at my lowest points in life, he is my shining light. This might sound silly to some of you but I am a gal who is not married and lives alone and this cat has more personality than a lot of people I've met in my life. Outside of my family, he is the longest relationship I've ever had.

The vet told me it is possible he has an autoimmune disease and I just started laughing. If my cat ends up with autoimmune issues like me then there really is no justice in this world. They took a biopsy of his tonsils because it is also possible he has lymphoma. Luckily, all of his blood work was normal and he does not have FIV or leukemia. Best case scenario is that he has feline herpes virus which is still really horrible.

Anyway, I just wanted to give an update. I will resume my curvy reviews and reading of your wonderful blogs as soon as my Rooster is back up to speed. I will take on all the sickness this world wants to throw at me as long as my kitty is happy and healthy. Please send good thoughts his way!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OOTD & Another Curvy Girl Review

I'm back from my blogging respite which was really just a week of exhaustion. You know I'm exhausted when I don't even check the Anthropologie website on a daily basis! So I apologize for the lack of reviews last week and for falling off the face of the internet but this is what happens from time to time when you have exhausting autoimmune illnesses. Well for me at least, I don't know how Chloe does it!

First is an outfit of the day (not today) that I wore to a birthday party weekend before last. I don't get to do many of these OOTD posts so I thought I would sneak it in here. It is all from Anthro except for my jewelry which is an antique locket from the 1930's and my sexy medical ID bracelet.

Dress - Dandelion Wish Dress (style #933240)
Shirt - Paramount Scoopneck (now called Pure & Good Basic Scoopneck) (style #953623)
Tights - Opaque Tights by Hue (style #953451)
Boots - Winding Ruffle Boots (style # )

And now for Another Curvy Girl Review:

You guys, I literally got to Anthro 30 minutes before they closed so please excuse the rush job on the pictures. I also didn't realize there was a big smear of yuck across the bottom of the mirror until I saw it while resizing the pictures. Let the games begin!

This is the gorgeous Particle Daisy Dress by Leifsdottir ($328 style #030027) in a size 12, because it does not come in a size bigger than 12. Now ladies, just because this dress is too small for me, please do not let these pictures discourage you! If you have a bucket of money to spend on a dress and are at least 5'7" with breasts smaller than 38D, THIS IS THE DRESS FOR YOU! It is soooooo beautiful and feels exquisite on! Unfortunately, I do not have a bucket of money, I am 5'5", my boobs made the faux-wrap style create a peak-a-boo slit in the bust, and I just do not do this dress justice. Everyone should at least try it on though just to experience how wonderful it is. That third picture is of the little metal balls which hang on the end of the attached belt ties. The SA in the dressing room said that not many people having even tried on this dress which is a damn shame because it is divine! Moving on...

The Optical Illusion Dress ($188 style #033042) would be a cute party dress had it been able to zip up past the bottom of my bra. Therefore, you only get 1 picture to imagine what it could have looked like. Optical illusion indeed! This one probably has too much cleavage than some will like, but I personally don't mind it because it tends to distract from the belly. At least that's what I tell myself... Oh yeah, the biggest size my store had to try on was a 12.

Here we have the latest in maternity wear. Just kidding! Seriously, don't get on me for the self-deprecation, it is just part of my shtick! This is the Lisbet Blouse ($128 style #013076) which I think might only look good on an extremely thin woman with very small breasts who wouldn't get this tent effect, but even then I'm skeptical.

Maybe I just don't know how to wear these types of shirts but this one (I can't find it on the website) wasn't doing my figure any favors! I grabbed a sash off of a dress to see if it made things any better, and there was a slight improvement but I think I still look like a potato. This color green is fantastic though!

The Corsage Twirl Dress by Deletta ($138 style #033043) definitely runs big. The first pictures are the XL and the second set is the L. However, once in the correct size, I realized that this dress accentuated ALL of my curves and not in a good way. My boobs look HUGE and that is not a look I'm going for. Plus there are lumps and rolls in other places which I like to hide as a rule. I'm not sure if it is the color or the material or both but this is not the dress for me. I actually think it looks better on me when it is too big.

The great thing about this blog is that I really get to see what types of styles and fabrics work for my figure and what types don't. Some of you might think I'm overly critical but I'm actually not sitting here hating my body. I actually just lost 30 pounds that I had gained from steroids and I'm feeling wonderful! I know my figure can look good and I know it can look better depending on the outfit! I'm just not willing to spend big bucks on something that doesn't make me feel pretty :)

I was really looking forward to this top, Assemblage Tank by C. Keer ($58 style #913906). You can't see its lovely details in these pictures, but it has some colored fabric pieces peeking out at the bust line and sewn into the sweater knit collar. The only problem was the giant armholes. This seems to be a recurring theme. I may overlook the armholes though because I live in Texas and that sweater knit collar would be really hot in the summertime and giant armholes might be a blessing in disguise. We are talking every day over 100 degrees here, people!

Lastly is this strange bird of a dress, Caballo Falls Dress by Lil ($168 style #033013). I had this on my wishlist after seeing it online because I liked the colors and thought it would do good for my figure, but unfortunately this dress has issues! First of all it would not zip up over my chest and this was a size 14!! Secondly, I could not get that dang bow to look pretty no matter how many times I tried to tie it. Go look at the shot on the website and then look at my picture again. Mine looks like a wet noodle! Too bad because I think this would have been very flattering on me. If I lost a few inches around my ribs (what I lovingly refer to as my "back boobs") and got this dress on sale I guess I would wear it with a different belt. Woe is me...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I defy you not to smile when viewing this picture of my friend, Nicole, and her daughter, Colette, dressed up in French costumes. Just in case you were having a bad day and needed a little pick-me-up, I present this to you because I think this is officially the best picture ever!

Who decided this was a good idea??

Am I just old or am I missing something?
Jeffrey Campbell shoes confuse me!

Even if I could wear some platforms like this, I don't understand the choice to have the toe and heel extend beyond the base of the platform. To me it is like having "stripper toe" in the front (thankfully without the toes actually hanging over and gripping the shoe) and the back seems like it would just hurt your heel. Maybe I am just too sensible...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Curvy Girl Review

Only a few reviews today as the newer dresses had either not arrived yet or were not available in my size. It was also a solid color day which sort of describes how I was feeling physically yesterday when I tried these on. Either way, a trip to Anthropologie always makes me feel better even if I leave without a purchase!

This is the beautiful Cherie Dress ($188 style #033007) that looks so wonderful on the hanger but not so wonderful on a body. I tried on the 14 and the zipper stopped dead in its tracks right at my bra, so here I am trying to fake it for the review but really it is not zipped up all the way. However, I could already tell that the elastic middle would cause problems as other reviewers have noted because it wants to bunch up instead of staying flat. I'll never know if the wide set straps were a problem for me or not but many others seem to think they are. Adieu sweet Cherie dress, adieu!

Here I am wearing the Cosgrove Dress ($128 style #933180) in a size large, although I think an XL was in order. This dress just fit very strangely. The waist is in an odd location but perhaps just needed a belt. This is definitely a pass for me.

UPDATE: I remembered that Roxy reviewed this dress and it seems to have worked on her when she sized down to a small. You can see it on her here.
Here we have a comparison of the Curvy Shift ($118 style #033058) in an XL in the first picture and a L in the second picture. It is not often that I try on a dress at Anthropologie and feel like I am swimming in it (especially in the bust) but this was one of those dresses! I have no idea how someone with a small chest would wear this dress at all because even though the large fit, the top still had some gaping in the middle. Overall, this dress is soft and stretchy but it did not provide a flattering silhouette and for $118 there are many, many prettier dresses to choose from! However, if I were in need of a comfortable/professional looking ensemble (which I am not), I could pair it with a sweater like below:

I could not locate this sweater ($118) on the website so you get a blurry tag photo below. UPDATE: This is the Honey From The Bees Blazer ($118 style #013170) - thanks Kathleen!! It also comes in a black & white version and I think it is adorable! If anyone knows the name of it please let me know. I tried on the medium because it was the biggest size they had but if I could find it in a large on sale I would definitely buy this. I'm a sucker for a blazer style sweater and this one has some really cute details in the pockets, shoulders, and single large button.

That's all for now. I'm excited to see what goes on sale tomorrow even though I can't buy anything. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

OOTD - Manisa Dress

I finally got my hands on a Manisa dress in a size 14, which does run small, but I found it to be quite slimming and it is possibly my new favorite dress! I wore this yesterday when I stopped at Anthropologie for my dressing room reviews which I will be posting later this evening. Please excuse the yellow pictures, I tried something new and it didn't work out so well.

Dress: Manisa Dress - Anthropologie

Sweater: Gap in Paris (The Gap has a completely different line for France from the clothes they sell in the rest of the world and they are MUCH better!)

Shoes: un.poem - Clarks (Unstructured line)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's Your Sign & A Giveaway

The poll -

You may or may not have noticed my new poll on the left side of my blog asking you what your astrological sign is. Enquiring minds want to know! You see, I find it interesting because you may not believe in astrology but certain signs have qualities that are supposed to affect their spending habits, saving habits, and fashion habits. For instance, it seems like a lot of Anthropologie lovers are Aquarius (I'm one!) and we are supposed to be more eclectic in the way we dress which makes sense for loving quirky things from Anthro. Capricorns are supposed to be more grounded financially and would rather save money than spend it. So you can see how this piqued my interest in how this community ranks astrologically. Please take a few seconds and enter your sign in the poll!

Now for the giveaway!

The lovely Kim at Anthroholic is offering a giveaway of a pair of gorgeous Kensie 'Nicoletta' Sunglasses from the Spring 2010 collection. Go visit her blog for information and enter to win! I'd wish you good luck but I'm hoping I'll snag 'em!

Kim wearing her pair.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bad News Bears

I was going to try to turn this blog into an Anthro-only blog but it turns out I need to vent and ponder sometimes and it is my many musings after all… I received some bad news yesterday when I saw my rheumatologist. I’ve had this thing on the top of my foot since October (you can see it in some of my shoeless review pictures) and it has turned into some sort of hard mass/tumor with palpable nodules under the skin, subcutaneous edema, inflammation, swelling, occasional localized hives that do not respond to medication, etc. Sounds lovely, huh? I first saw an ER doctor about it in December when it would not go away and the entire top of my foot swelled up bad enough that I could not even bend my toes. He didn’t know what it was and told me it was probably cellulitis (deep tissue infection) and put me on two strong, horrible antibiotics which messed up my intestinal tract. Thankfully I took a lot of probiotics from Whole Foods and got that straightened out.

After a month the swelling went back down and it seemed like my foot was on the mend. I didn’t think much about it for a couple of weeks after that. It was still a visible mark but didn’t bother me. I made an appointment with my dermatologist who is impossible to see right away and of course it was on the mend by the time I got into his office. He didn’t know what it was and told me it appeared to be healing and just to put Vaseline on it to moisturize the area until it was gone. Then it grew! The swelling returned along with all of the other symptoms. It itched like crazy and nothing would make that stop except for my mom’s wonderful idea of what I will call “cowboy medicine” – damp tobacco applied to the area for 30 minutes. FYI, this also works on bee and wasps stings. A couple of weeks ago I saw the dermatologist again and he was still baffled. He said if it was a bug bite or fungus or any typical type of dermatitis it would have gone away by now and recommended a biopsy. I looked at the scar on my leg from the last biopsy he performed to diagnose my vasculitis and told him I wanted to wait and see. He gave me some steroid ointment to apply, “so I didn’t have to use the tobacco anymore.”

That brings you up to date and to my appointment yesterday with my rheumatologist. She told me that the mass feels and looks autoimmune but not like my normal vasculitis and that I should get the biopsy done to confirm what type. If it is indeed an autoimmune process, I will have to start the chemotherapy drug, Methotrexate, which we were putting off as long as possible. Of course I couldn’t get an appointment with the dermatologist for the biopsy until March 10th so I will be stressing out until then. But it had been a few months since I was diagnosed with a new disease so I guess it was time… meh! It seems there is something called Multiple Autoimmune Syndrome (MAS) where folks get 3 or more diseases. It happens to 25% of people with an autoimmune disease. This is my 3rd, 4th or 5th one depending on your views of fibromyalgia (autoimmune components) and pseudotumor cerebri (who freaking knows). I feel like an episode of House. Apparently my immune system went to the buy one get one free sale.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Curvy Girl Review

Dear readers, I learned a very important lesson this weekend - never do a dressing room review while it is that time of the month and you already wear the biggest size the store carries and cannot size up due to bloat! (Unless you are broke and want to dissuade yourself from buying anything.) I tried on a lot of things and nothing looked or felt good. I swear my boobs seemed like an entire cup size bigger and I was ready to chop them off! Don't even get me started about the belly...

Anyhow, I tried on a boatload of stuff and really wanted to review the Reed Shirtdress but I could not get the dang buttons to stay fastened over my chest and even on the hanger those buttons were just falling out of the holes so I'm hoping it was just a faulty dress and I can try one on again next week. I was also planning on trying on the Plains & Prairies Dress but got frustrated after getting caught up in the attached lining and gave up. So here are the good, the bad, and the ugly that made it onto this week's review list.

The Swinging Sweetheart Dress ($168) was the only thing I tried on that felt like it had any potential whatsoever. However, there were still some issues. I tried on a 14 and there was some bunching of material in the back right under the scalloped edge where the black section begins. I'm not sure if this is strictly a fit issue or has something to do with my swayback. Either way, I'd definitely say this dress runs a bit small or it could be that I was running big. The pink silk part of the dress is actually sheer but you can't tell in the front thanks to the pleats. In the back, however, you can definitely see back fat in action. In order for this dress to work I would either need to a) wear it with Spanx standing up only and never sit down, b) lose 10 pounds and possibly still wear Spanx at least for the back fat coverage. This dress is so pretty and although I don't currently have the occasion to wear it, I would like to have it on hand in case an occasion should arise, and because of its vintage appearance, it will always be in fashion. Maybe once it has been marked down twice?! The problem with this method of shopping is that I don't plan on staying this weight.

Here I am wearing the Collected Calico Dress ($138) in a size 12 because my store did not have it in a 14. I had way too much boobage for this dress and it felt like I was wearing a sports bra with all of the smashing going on. The print does look better in person than it does online and the dress itself feels soft and I think would be comfortable had it fit correctly. There was a lot of shaping happening in the upper half of the dress (including some elastic banding in back and boning) which means you could possibly go braless if you were so daring. Another plus is that it comes with pockets! The only downfall to this dress beside the ill-fit was that it seemed like something a 12-year-old girl would wear, minus the cup details on the breast. The Anthropologie website says that this dress is 31.25" in length so either that measurement is incorrect or I have shrunk a foot and am now 4'5" tall. I would guess it is closer to 41" in length.

I had high hopes for the Sunny Escape Tank ($68) and imagined myself frolicking about during spring in this cheerfully bright top, but noooooo it had to go and do horrible things to my body like creating an arrow that points to my belly fat and gaping holes that show my bra. I tried on a large and didn't even bother asking for the XL because even though it might have fit my bust better, I feared it would just look like I was wearing a muumuu. I was so disappointed! I envy the woman who can pull this off! You can see Roxy's recent review here.

Here I am wearing the Balletomane Tank ($78) in a size large. I think this top would look really pretty on someone with a smaller bust but I definitely did not need any extra weight in that area. Speaking of weight, this top literally felt like it added an extra pound of weight to my breast zone making me feel even more like a hunchback than I already do. Boobs are heavy my friends and I don't need them to be heavier! There were also some back-fat issues happening and like I said, this just wasn't a day where I was feeling pretty in anything I tried on. The material of this top is otherwise very light, soft and pretty, being made of cotton and modal with the outer layer being almost a superfine netting. I recommend this top for someone who is smaller on top and larger on the bottom as way to balance out your figure. This could also hide some tummy problem areas, which I think it would have done for me had I tried on an XL. You can see Kim wearing it here.

Why no, I'm not pregnant, nor am I smuggling a bowling ball under my top. That is just me wearing the Vermillion Flurry Blouse ($128) in a size 12. Although this top looks orange in my pictures and red on the Anthropologie website, it is actually more of a coral color in person, something in between red and orange with a hint of a pink hue. The airy ruffled collar on this blouse is lovely but the white cuffs on the sleeves along with the reddish color are reminiscent of Annie from a distance when combined with my red hair. Even if this top did not look horrendous on me, it would still be a pass.

The Celebratory Blouse ($78) looked pretty and festive on the hanger but just made me look like the number 8. It is also see-through and no one needs to see my belly bouncing around town! I really liked the buttons and the subtlety of the ruffles but this top was an obvious disaster on my body. I tried on a size 14.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

OOTD for Cirque du Soleil

Tonight was a very special night because I got to go see Cirque du Soleil's Alegria. I cannot tell you how much I love their shows! It also gave me the perfect opportunity to have my very first outfit of the day post and I managed to dress myself completely in Anthropologie. I'm not going to have many OOTD posts because I work at home in my pajamas and I promise y'all don't want to see that on a daily basis! This is also the reason why I tend to buy more of the casual style Anthro items than the fancier ones.

Unfortunately these are still iPhone pictures but I am charging my real camera's battery now so it will be available next time. Anyway, here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Dress: All Seasons Shirtdress - Anthropologie
Shirt: Paramount Scoopneck - Anthropologie
Belt: Snakebite Belt - Anthropologie
Tights: Opaque Tights - Anthropologie
Boots: With-A-Splash Booties - Anthropologie

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Anthropologie Reviews for the Chubby Gals (some sale and some new)

This is my first Anthropologie dressing room review and I was inspired by Roxy at Effortless Anthropologie ( ) as well as many others who review Anthro clothes on their blogs and thought I would add my 2 cents for the chubbier gals out there who don't fall into the average size category or the super skinny category either. For reference, I am 5'5" and *gulp* 178 pounds. I wear sizes 12-14 or L-XL. I would normally never put my weight on the internet for the world to see but I'm hoping this will be helpful to other women who wear the larger sizes at our favorite store and somehow possibly be freeing for me at the same time. (Plus, this blog currently has zero subscribers so really what's the harm?) I am also trying to be brave enough to add pictures of clothes that I know do not look good on my size/body shape just in case anyone else out there is considering a purchase online without trying something on. So here goes and I must apologize in advance for my poor photography. It turns out it is very difficult to take a picture of yourself in a dressing room with your iPhone when you have shaky hands; kudos to you other ladies who do it so well! Hopefully I will get better with practice.

Meet And Greet Henley (Sold out online but still available in stores - $39.95, was $78)
"Gauzy plaids mingle on the sleeves and placket of one.september's tee, and get acquainted with the swathe of soft jersey below."
Style #913846

I actually own this top and it is what I was wearing today. This is a size XL. I love this top but I thought I would show its flaw, which is the buttoned section between the breasts does not lay flat and causes a tenting effect. It also seems to run a bit short but that could just be my boobs and belly taking up the slack...

Pins And Polka Dots Dress (Sold out online but still available in stores)
Scattered spots intermingle with lanky lines in Moulinette Soeurs' wrap-inspired frock of floaty chiffon.
Front pockets
Side zip
Polyester; acetate lining
Machine wash
Regular: 37"L
Petite: 35"L
style #933236
$79.95...was $158.00

Sorry for the slightly pornographic nature of these photos but this dress clearly needs a cami, pinning, or a stitch added to the top. This is a size 12 which was tight but they did not have a 14 to try on. I like this dress and if my size had been in stock I think it would be worth the sale price assuming I could discretely add a couple of stitches to close the bust-line.

Fragmented Pipevine Dress
So fast they flit! Mere glimpses of grand butterfly wings are visible on Maeve's sash-wound voile dress.
Side pockets
Button front
Cotton; cotton lining
Machine wash
style #030015

I really like this dress but unfortunately they did not have a size 14 in stock for me to try on and the 12 was too small in the bust. The colors are really nice in person and I happen to love cotton dresses. I do know that this style of dress tends to make me look shorter and I hate seeing my bare arms but I am willing to forgive my body's shortcomings because I really like this dress! The waist is nice and fitted and the sweetheart neckline is modest with just a touch of cleavage. Are redheads allowed to wear orange?

Sparrow softens richly hued sweaterknit with a mix of stitches and a flattering silhouette.
Pullover styling
Cotton, nylon, wool, angora
Dry clean
style #933167
$49.95...was $148.00

I knew as soon as I saw this dress online that it would look horrible on my body shape, but for the good of humanity or to convince you to stay on your diet, I decided to try it on in order to show you why you should think twice before buying if you are a larger sized woman. I don't even remember what size I tried on but I think it was a 12 and whether or not this fits true to size is hard to tell because it is extremely stretchy material. Two words come to mind: short and dumpy! I don't think I even need to explain why this dress doesn't work on me, the pictures are self explanatory.

Whether paired with a skinny turtleneck, a cozy cardi or just your favorite sandals, the small ruffles and pretty pintucks of Odille's flowy dress will see you through the calendar year.
Side pockets
Pullover styling
Machine wash
style #030013

I have to tell you that this dress actually looked good on me in the store. I even felt good enough in it to venture out of my dressing room closet to view myself in the 3-way mirror in front of other customers and staff. I even had a random customer compliment me in it. But now looking at these pictures I am wondering what alternate universe that dressing room is in! I swear this looks good on me in person.... I thought. Anyhow, this is a size 12 and it fit really well with room to breathe which means that it runs big, which is a good thing because as the Anthro description suggests, you can wear a shirt under it to layer in cooler weather. This is also advisable because the arm holes are very wide and you can see not only the lovely side of your bra but also the very attractive underarm chub around the side of your bra. This dress has had mixed reviews online and I do think it is one of the rare Anthro dresses that will probably look better on us curvy gals! But again, these pictures are making me second guess myself.

Dwarf Quince Cardigan
Hardy clusters and woody branches take root on Sparrow's finely knit open-placket cardi.
Front pockets
Dry clean
style #913663

This is a beautiful cardigan and I tried on the XL which was too big. As you can see in my pictures, the color of the flowers is actually more of an orange than red as the Anthropologie website picture suggests. There are also some sparkly silver lines mixed in with the flowers but they are subtle and not over the top. The sleeves have some really nice ruching on the inside area of the cuff which is supposed to hit somewhere mid forearm according to the SA in the dressing room. If my joints hadn't started hurting I would have tried on a smaller size and this is definitely going on my wish list.