Sunday, February 14, 2010

Anthropologie Reviews for the Chubby Gals (some sale and some new)

This is my first Anthropologie dressing room review and I was inspired by Roxy at Effortless Anthropologie ( ) as well as many others who review Anthro clothes on their blogs and thought I would add my 2 cents for the chubbier gals out there who don't fall into the average size category or the super skinny category either. For reference, I am 5'5" and *gulp* 178 pounds. I wear sizes 12-14 or L-XL. I would normally never put my weight on the internet for the world to see but I'm hoping this will be helpful to other women who wear the larger sizes at our favorite store and somehow possibly be freeing for me at the same time. (Plus, this blog currently has zero subscribers so really what's the harm?) I am also trying to be brave enough to add pictures of clothes that I know do not look good on my size/body shape just in case anyone else out there is considering a purchase online without trying something on. So here goes and I must apologize in advance for my poor photography. It turns out it is very difficult to take a picture of yourself in a dressing room with your iPhone when you have shaky hands; kudos to you other ladies who do it so well! Hopefully I will get better with practice.

Meet And Greet Henley (Sold out online but still available in stores - $39.95, was $78)
"Gauzy plaids mingle on the sleeves and placket of one.september's tee, and get acquainted with the swathe of soft jersey below."
Style #913846

I actually own this top and it is what I was wearing today. This is a size XL. I love this top but I thought I would show its flaw, which is the buttoned section between the breasts does not lay flat and causes a tenting effect. It also seems to run a bit short but that could just be my boobs and belly taking up the slack...

Pins And Polka Dots Dress (Sold out online but still available in stores)
Scattered spots intermingle with lanky lines in Moulinette Soeurs' wrap-inspired frock of floaty chiffon.
Front pockets
Side zip
Polyester; acetate lining
Machine wash
Regular: 37"L
Petite: 35"L
style #933236
$79.95...was $158.00

Sorry for the slightly pornographic nature of these photos but this dress clearly needs a cami, pinning, or a stitch added to the top. This is a size 12 which was tight but they did not have a 14 to try on. I like this dress and if my size had been in stock I think it would be worth the sale price assuming I could discretely add a couple of stitches to close the bust-line.

Fragmented Pipevine Dress
So fast they flit! Mere glimpses of grand butterfly wings are visible on Maeve's sash-wound voile dress.
Side pockets
Button front
Cotton; cotton lining
Machine wash
style #030015

I really like this dress but unfortunately they did not have a size 14 in stock for me to try on and the 12 was too small in the bust. The colors are really nice in person and I happen to love cotton dresses. I do know that this style of dress tends to make me look shorter and I hate seeing my bare arms but I am willing to forgive my body's shortcomings because I really like this dress! The waist is nice and fitted and the sweetheart neckline is modest with just a touch of cleavage. Are redheads allowed to wear orange?

Sparrow softens richly hued sweaterknit with a mix of stitches and a flattering silhouette.
Pullover styling
Cotton, nylon, wool, angora
Dry clean
style #933167
$49.95...was $148.00

I knew as soon as I saw this dress online that it would look horrible on my body shape, but for the good of humanity or to convince you to stay on your diet, I decided to try it on in order to show you why you should think twice before buying if you are a larger sized woman. I don't even remember what size I tried on but I think it was a 12 and whether or not this fits true to size is hard to tell because it is extremely stretchy material. Two words come to mind: short and dumpy! I don't think I even need to explain why this dress doesn't work on me, the pictures are self explanatory.

Whether paired with a skinny turtleneck, a cozy cardi or just your favorite sandals, the small ruffles and pretty pintucks of Odille's flowy dress will see you through the calendar year.
Side pockets
Pullover styling
Machine wash
style #030013

I have to tell you that this dress actually looked good on me in the store. I even felt good enough in it to venture out of my dressing room closet to view myself in the 3-way mirror in front of other customers and staff. I even had a random customer compliment me in it. But now looking at these pictures I am wondering what alternate universe that dressing room is in! I swear this looks good on me in person.... I thought. Anyhow, this is a size 12 and it fit really well with room to breathe which means that it runs big, which is a good thing because as the Anthro description suggests, you can wear a shirt under it to layer in cooler weather. This is also advisable because the arm holes are very wide and you can see not only the lovely side of your bra but also the very attractive underarm chub around the side of your bra. This dress has had mixed reviews online and I do think it is one of the rare Anthro dresses that will probably look better on us curvy gals! But again, these pictures are making me second guess myself.

Dwarf Quince Cardigan
Hardy clusters and woody branches take root on Sparrow's finely knit open-placket cardi.
Front pockets
Dry clean
style #913663

This is a beautiful cardigan and I tried on the XL which was too big. As you can see in my pictures, the color of the flowers is actually more of an orange than red as the Anthropologie website picture suggests. There are also some sparkly silver lines mixed in with the flowers but they are subtle and not over the top. The sleeves have some really nice ruching on the inside area of the cuff which is supposed to hit somewhere mid forearm according to the SA in the dressing room. If my joints hadn't started hurting I would have tried on a smaller size and this is definitely going on my wish list.


lindsey..elizabeth said...

I'm officially a fan of your blog. Being a size 14 myself, it's Awesome to see anthro things reviewed in my size. THANK YOU!

jacquelyn said...

Thanks for this! I am also a 12/14 and l/XL. I also do regular reviews of Anthro products over on my blog. Check it out! or click HERE.

Also, my store is hit-or-miss about carrying anything above a 12 or size L, so I almost always have to order online. Is this the case with your store?

Kathleen said...

Love this! One thing I want to mention is that I'm 5'6" and about 160-165 pounds (and a 34G). My quirks are long legs, small butt and a thick waist in addition to the cleavage.

There are things at Anthro where I'm literally a Size Small. Shirts by Deletta and RicRac and some cardigans. I'll often be looking at the clearance section and realize a lot of things are there because of sizing issues.

I like the pins and polka dots dress as well as the cardigan on you a lot.

Yoya said...

Hi! I am so glad that I found your amazing blog!

The All Seasons Shirtdress does look fantastic on you. You were right when you thought so the first time! Did you end up getting it? I have it and love it.
I just discovered the Dwarf Quince Cardigan and think I also need it! Thank you for the reviews!

Anonymous said...

I too love Anthropologie, but am just out of the size range most of the time. I'm currently a 14/16, and with the exception of their stretch cotton lounge pants, nothing there fits me. It's so frustrating.

I think often about opening a store in Austin with Anthropologie style, but realistic sizes . . . and prices, if possible.

Thanks Leslie, for sharing this.

Red Leslie said...

Holy crap I had readers! :D
Thank you so much ladies, it is really nice to hear such wonderful feedback!

Jacquelyn - I will definitely check out your blog as I need to see these outfits on other people our size too. As for my store, they are really good about carrying size 12 and they do carry size 14 when a designer makes that size but a very limited supply so that size sells out very quickly.

Kathleen - Wow 34G! I can't even imagine the troubles you must have with fit, especially button down items. I thought it was hard enough with my D-cup chest. Keep us posted when you find breast friendly Anthro clothes :)

Yoya - Thanks, I am still trying to decide on the All Seasons. Those pictures just didn't make it look so good on. Maybe I will try it on again and have someone take a picture with a better camera.

Anonymous said...

Yea! Finally a blog of Anthro reviews I can use! :)

Keep them coming!!!

rinnyc said...

What a fantastic thing you are doing!! I, too am normally a size 12 at Anthro, and love that you are doing fitting room reviews! And, for the record, I think that the All Seasons Shirtdress looks lovely on you! Thanks again for being willing to share! Oh,and I had a similar run-in with the Amarena dress :(

Becky said...

I like reading Effortless Anthropologie because of the photos of the clothes on a real person, not a very thin model who's had a staff of stylists and a photographer. She's smaller than I am but curvy and I figure if it doesn't look hot on her, it definitely won't work for me.

But you're right about where I am in weight/clothing size (not as busty though) and this will be even more helpful.

As for that last dress, if you liked how it looked on you in person, that's what matters most. It's not as though you're going to a red carpet event and sometimes the pictures just don't come out well. Either that or there are hallucinogens in the air at Anthro to make people think they look awesome in something ;).

Kathleen said...

Very cool. I'm typically a 12 at Anthropologie (due to mah hips). I just did some fitting room reviews on my blog too! Here's the link:

Eun said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting your Anthro reviews. This is so helpful for a size 10 gal like myself. I look forward to reading your blog and adding it to my favorites. :)

Wendy said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I'm also a curvier girl and sometimes I just don't go for some of Anthro's clothes because I feel they would not look good on me.
I really like the All seasons Shirtdress but was afraid to buy it or even try it on for that matter, because of the pockets. I thought this dress would just make me look wide and disproportionate, however after seeing it on you I went out and tried it, (it looked great on me by the way LOL)then bought it (ALL DONE TODAY)!

I have also subscribed to your site because I look forward to future post!

erinaomi said...

i love your reviews! :)
awesome blog!

Red Leslie said...

Wow I can't tell you what I smile I have from so much positive feedback, thank you so much!!

I would like to add a side note, I just re-read this entry and when I wrote, "if you are a larger sized woman.." I meant larger dress size. I am also comfortable calling myself chubby, curvy, etc and hope that these terms never offend anyone else.

Contessa said...

CURVY Rules!! I am a proud Cuban American and CURVY is what we are! I am very happy to see you post photos of yourself in sizes closer to me. I am a proud size 10 with a VERY hourglass shape! Every so often I am a size S or M in tops but a 10 or 12 in bottoms. Aggravating but my swedish husband loves it.

BRAVO to you!

anotheremptysky said...

I am usually a 12/14 in anthro too (but I have small boobies so I'm a M top) - I love these reviews :) thank you so much for posting!!

Laura P. said...

Hello there!
I work at Anthro as a personal shopper (unofficially because we are a small store) but I love this post! You are helping us do our job by giving this great feedback. Let me know if you ever need any help!

Jessebel said...

Oh my goodness! Where have you been? I'm 5'5, size 14/16 and, wait for it, weigh over 200lbs. Trying on clothes in my size is near impossible because of the 4 stores that are within distance from home and work, they rarely carry 14s or XLs. Guess they're popular. *wink, wink* Essentially, I live for Ric Rac but have some pieces from Deletta, Maeve, and Floreat. Oh, and I'm sucker for tights. :)

The All Seasons Shirtdress does look great on you. Before your review, I never considered checking out this dress but now it's time for another look. You're in my reader.

CheesyGoodness said...

I was directed to your KICK ASS blog by Anthroholic's Kim. Keep up the great work! It's fantastic to have IRL pics and good writing together for us L/XL Anthro-philes! Love the Pipeline and All Seasons dresses on you, especially the colors in the Pipeline, awesome with your fiery mane!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog! I have your exact stats, but I think our 'dimensions' may be a little different. I just purchased the Amarena dress in red yesterday, and I have to say I love how I look and feel in it! Keep up the awesome reviews -- curvy girls love Anthro too and we can rock it just as well!! :) Just stock more in our sizes please, pretty please...

Glenda said...

Leslie, hooray for being so brave and posting IRL reviews of Anthro clothes. I do think that you look great in the Pipevine and All Seasons dresses. The colors in the Pipevine complement your hair and skintone, but I can't tell where the hem falls (perhaps if it was shortened to just above your knee, it would be more flattering, and if you feel self-conscious about your arms you could always wear a cardigan that falls at mid-hip). Also, I think there was a design flaw in the Pins & polka dress--the cleavage was too low for me as well in size 0--perhaps this is why it's going on sale relatively soon.

Revampy said...

Yippee I found your blog. I am curvy as well. It will be so helpful to see your reviews thanks honey

rinnyc said...

Hey Leslie,
I was just checking out your blog again today (I am on holidays this week and have seemingly spent most of in in Anthro, on their site, calling them, or checking out the blogs of fellow addicts!!!). Anyway, I just noticed that you put a pic of a forearm swallow tattoo up on your banner, and had to tell you that I HAVE ONE, TOO!!! Not only are we about the same size (I am a wee bit shorter), and both adore Anthropologie, but we have really similar tattoos....weird!!! I can't attach a picture to my comment, so let me know if you'd like to see (


Red Leslie said...

Oh how funny! I actually have one on each arm and they are on the back side of my upper arms above my elbows. I will email you for a picture of yours!