Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Curvy Girl Review

Only a few reviews today as the newer dresses had either not arrived yet or were not available in my size. It was also a solid color day which sort of describes how I was feeling physically yesterday when I tried these on. Either way, a trip to Anthropologie always makes me feel better even if I leave without a purchase!

This is the beautiful Cherie Dress ($188 style #033007) that looks so wonderful on the hanger but not so wonderful on a body. I tried on the 14 and the zipper stopped dead in its tracks right at my bra, so here I am trying to fake it for the review but really it is not zipped up all the way. However, I could already tell that the elastic middle would cause problems as other reviewers have noted because it wants to bunch up instead of staying flat. I'll never know if the wide set straps were a problem for me or not but many others seem to think they are. Adieu sweet Cherie dress, adieu!

Here I am wearing the Cosgrove Dress ($128 style #933180) in a size large, although I think an XL was in order. This dress just fit very strangely. The waist is in an odd location but perhaps just needed a belt. This is definitely a pass for me.

UPDATE: I remembered that Roxy reviewed this dress and it seems to have worked on her when she sized down to a small. You can see it on her here.
Here we have a comparison of the Curvy Shift ($118 style #033058) in an XL in the first picture and a L in the second picture. It is not often that I try on a dress at Anthropologie and feel like I am swimming in it (especially in the bust) but this was one of those dresses! I have no idea how someone with a small chest would wear this dress at all because even though the large fit, the top still had some gaping in the middle. Overall, this dress is soft and stretchy but it did not provide a flattering silhouette and for $118 there are many, many prettier dresses to choose from! However, if I were in need of a comfortable/professional looking ensemble (which I am not), I could pair it with a sweater like below:

I could not locate this sweater ($118) on the website so you get a blurry tag photo below. UPDATE: This is the Honey From The Bees Blazer ($118 style #013170) - thanks Kathleen!! It also comes in a black & white version and I think it is adorable! If anyone knows the name of it please let me know. I tried on the medium because it was the biggest size they had but if I could find it in a large on sale I would definitely buy this. I'm a sucker for a blazer style sweater and this one has some really cute details in the pockets, shoulders, and single large button.

That's all for now. I'm excited to see what goes on sale tomorrow even though I can't buy anything. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Wendy said...

My top is much smaller than my bottom, in your opinion do you think the Curvy Shift dress can be taken in at the top only? I'm sure I can fill out the rest. LOL


erinaomi said...

i have the cherie dress in my wishlist, but i was worried about the bunching at the waist that tien and you have mentioned. it's so pretty tho..too bad for the little flaws that make you second guess such a lovely piece.

thanks for the reviews! :)

Red Leslie said...

Wendy -- I did not inspect the dress enough, nor do I know enough about sewing to even pretend to know whether you can take in the top portion only. This dress is definitely strange but also very stretchy so I'm guessing you could size down to fit your top and possibly have some give in the bottom. I would definitely try it on and see. The store here had plenty left in both colors over the weekend so I'm guessing it won't sell out quickly, even on sale now.

erinaomi -- I wouldn't give up on the Cherie dress without trying it on first. One woman's bunching is another woman's dream dress, you never know!

Kathleen said...

The sweater is the Honey From the Bees Blazer - it just popped up online today.

The Curvy Shift was marked down to sale yesterday, but even for $60, I wasn't in love with it. You are busty and it didn't fit you. I'm hippy and it didn't fit me. Who the heck is this dress made for?

Red Leslie said...

Thanks Kathleen! I saw that last night too but was too tired to update the blog. It is a super sweet sweater (say that 5 times fast)!

That curvy shift is a strange bird. Roxy reviewed this dress and said that it was definitely big but she liked it and wanted to buy it on sale. I just went back and looked at her in it and she looks great. Go figure!