Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OOTD & Another Curvy Girl Review

I'm back from my blogging respite which was really just a week of exhaustion. You know I'm exhausted when I don't even check the Anthropologie website on a daily basis! So I apologize for the lack of reviews last week and for falling off the face of the internet but this is what happens from time to time when you have exhausting autoimmune illnesses. Well for me at least, I don't know how Chloe does it!

First is an outfit of the day (not today) that I wore to a birthday party weekend before last. I don't get to do many of these OOTD posts so I thought I would sneak it in here. It is all from Anthro except for my jewelry which is an antique locket from the 1930's and my sexy medical ID bracelet.

Dress - Dandelion Wish Dress (style #933240)
Shirt - Paramount Scoopneck (now called Pure & Good Basic Scoopneck) (style #953623)
Tights - Opaque Tights by Hue (style #953451)
Boots - Winding Ruffle Boots (style # )

And now for Another Curvy Girl Review:

You guys, I literally got to Anthro 30 minutes before they closed so please excuse the rush job on the pictures. I also didn't realize there was a big smear of yuck across the bottom of the mirror until I saw it while resizing the pictures. Let the games begin!

This is the gorgeous Particle Daisy Dress by Leifsdottir ($328 style #030027) in a size 12, because it does not come in a size bigger than 12. Now ladies, just because this dress is too small for me, please do not let these pictures discourage you! If you have a bucket of money to spend on a dress and are at least 5'7" with breasts smaller than 38D, THIS IS THE DRESS FOR YOU! It is soooooo beautiful and feels exquisite on! Unfortunately, I do not have a bucket of money, I am 5'5", my boobs made the faux-wrap style create a peak-a-boo slit in the bust, and I just do not do this dress justice. Everyone should at least try it on though just to experience how wonderful it is. That third picture is of the little metal balls which hang on the end of the attached belt ties. The SA in the dressing room said that not many people having even tried on this dress which is a damn shame because it is divine! Moving on...

The Optical Illusion Dress ($188 style #033042) would be a cute party dress had it been able to zip up past the bottom of my bra. Therefore, you only get 1 picture to imagine what it could have looked like. Optical illusion indeed! This one probably has too much cleavage than some will like, but I personally don't mind it because it tends to distract from the belly. At least that's what I tell myself... Oh yeah, the biggest size my store had to try on was a 12.

Here we have the latest in maternity wear. Just kidding! Seriously, don't get on me for the self-deprecation, it is just part of my shtick! This is the Lisbet Blouse ($128 style #013076) which I think might only look good on an extremely thin woman with very small breasts who wouldn't get this tent effect, but even then I'm skeptical.

Maybe I just don't know how to wear these types of shirts but this one (I can't find it on the website) wasn't doing my figure any favors! I grabbed a sash off of a dress to see if it made things any better, and there was a slight improvement but I think I still look like a potato. This color green is fantastic though!

The Corsage Twirl Dress by Deletta ($138 style #033043) definitely runs big. The first pictures are the XL and the second set is the L. However, once in the correct size, I realized that this dress accentuated ALL of my curves and not in a good way. My boobs look HUGE and that is not a look I'm going for. Plus there are lumps and rolls in other places which I like to hide as a rule. I'm not sure if it is the color or the material or both but this is not the dress for me. I actually think it looks better on me when it is too big.

The great thing about this blog is that I really get to see what types of styles and fabrics work for my figure and what types don't. Some of you might think I'm overly critical but I'm actually not sitting here hating my body. I actually just lost 30 pounds that I had gained from steroids and I'm feeling wonderful! I know my figure can look good and I know it can look better depending on the outfit! I'm just not willing to spend big bucks on something that doesn't make me feel pretty :)

I was really looking forward to this top, Assemblage Tank by C. Keer ($58 style #913906). You can't see its lovely details in these pictures, but it has some colored fabric pieces peeking out at the bust line and sewn into the sweater knit collar. The only problem was the giant armholes. This seems to be a recurring theme. I may overlook the armholes though because I live in Texas and that sweater knit collar would be really hot in the summertime and giant armholes might be a blessing in disguise. We are talking every day over 100 degrees here, people!

Lastly is this strange bird of a dress, Caballo Falls Dress by Lil ($168 style #033013). I had this on my wishlist after seeing it online because I liked the colors and thought it would do good for my figure, but unfortunately this dress has issues! First of all it would not zip up over my chest and this was a size 14!! Secondly, I could not get that dang bow to look pretty no matter how many times I tried to tie it. Go look at the shot on the website and then look at my picture again. Mine looks like a wet noodle! Too bad because I think this would have been very flattering on me. If I lost a few inches around my ribs (what I lovingly refer to as my "back boobs") and got this dress on sale I guess I would wear it with a different belt. Woe is me...


Kathleen said...

Too bad about the Falls Dress - I thought it was really pretty on until I saw that you couldn't get it zipped.

As much as it makes me sad when nothing at the store works for me, my wallet enjoys the reprieve! LOL

Coco said...

You look gorgeous in the Dandelion Wish Dress!!!

Red Leslie said...

Kathleen - I'm actually enjoying not having anything new at Anthro that I can't live without right now because I frankly can't afford it! I've still got older stuff on my wishlist that I'm hoping will go on sale eventually or pop back up in my size but it is kind of a relief to try things on and not want to buy them.

Shannon - Thank you!! I actually snagged it NWT on ebay for cheaper than the sale price and with free shipping. I think I'm addicted to bargain shopping...

Anonymous said...

Your outfit of the day looks so great!!

I had to laugh at your review of the Caballo Falls dress -- my attempts to tie bows always look like "wet noodles" too! Never as pretty as the product shot ;) Pity about the dress; I was looking forward to trying it on before, but now I think I'll pass...

Anonymous said...

I live for your outfit reviews!Could you try on that cute bike dress if you get a chance? I really want it to work on my body type, but I am afraid it won't.

Red Leslie said...

Sure thing! I've got my eye on that one too. I'm just worried about the buttons over my bust which is a common problem for me, but I will look for it this weekend and hopefully find it before the only size 14 in stock sells.

CheesyGoodness said...

Ooohhh, I just love the Dandelion Wish dress! I actually shed a tear or two when it sold out in 12 AND 14, sometimes waiting for a second markdown is a very bad idea. Seeing your OOTD pic made me smile though! It looks great on you, love the way you layered under, rather than over. I've been trying that out more often this winter, but sometimes I just don't think of it.

Thanks for the reviews! I've been eyeing the Deletta dress, so that's very helpful. I have to say, I really like some aspects of what you tried on. The green of the "potato" blouse and the gorgeous blue of the Caballo Falls dress are so pretty with your fair skin, and I'm sure very dramatic with your hair.

Hope you're feeling better! Relax and have fun this weekend!

StinkerbellSteph said...

Thank you so much for reviewing these Anthro clothes for us Curvy girls! I love your posts and just subscribed on Google Reader. Super excited to have a realistic view out there!