Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sad Feet

Why does Anthropologie insist on making my feet sad with envy? I have rheumatoid arthritis and will never again be able to wear high heels, the pain is just unbearable. I can wear a low 2 inch heel for about an hour if I put in my own arch supports and gel cushions. It is a sad state of affairs indeed! But to add insult to injury, Anthropologie is constantly rubbing it in my face with their delectable shoes which are generally 3 inch heels or taller. Sometimes I still have to talk myself out of buying them even though I know I cannot wear them. I just want to buy them and display them as art and gaze at them lovingly. (Not that I could afford them anyway...)

Here are some lovelies that I am currently lusting after:

Wilhelm Booties

An ancient tale speaks of a pair of burnished leather boots. With slender laces and a crackled finish, its beauty is so enchanting that frogs turn into princes and mermaids rise from the sea.

Side zip
Leather upper, insole, sole
3.25" stacked leather heel
style #940085
$149.95...was $300.00

Palm Shade Booties

Frond-shaped eyelets carve out the shadow and light of wavering island cover under the equatorial sun.

Back zip
Leather upper, insole
Synthetic sole
3" heel
style #043054

Midnight Sky T-Straps

Fringy chrysanthemum petals drip from a deep, dark stretch of starless suede. By Chie Mihara.
Adjustable buckle

Leather upper, insole, sole
3.5" leather wrapped heel
style #943096

To-The-Top Booties

It doesn't get any better than this stunning suede pair from Chie Mihara, crowned with three choice ties.

Tie closure
Leather upper, insole
Synthetic sole
3.75" leather wrapped heel
style #944139

Wishbone Wedges

It's ok to pin your hopes on Lucky Penny's twined leather peep-toes. With such rich color and classic style, they're sure to come true with each wear.

Adjustable buckle
Leather upper, insole
Synthetic sole
3.5" stacked leather wedge
style #940155


Anonymous said...

I found your blog through your comment, and I love it!
I have RA too, but it mostly affects my hips. I have a bunion, which is *ew* but I can work with it. I can wear Miss Albright shoes (hooray) but I had to sell some designer shoes on ebay recently. My toes just don't fit anymore. I am glad I can still wear heels, but I have invested in many pairs of comfier shoes too. Some stylish, comfy shoes (for me at least): Earth, Alegria, Clarks, J-41 (they just changed their name but I forget the new one...)

Red Leslie said...

Yeah I mostly wear Clarks these days which thankfully makes some cute maryjanes. I didn't know J-41 changed their name!

I've only had RA for a year now and was already on Plaquenil for vasculitis before being diagnosed with RA so I haven't had much swelling yet and no deformities but the pain I experience in my toe joints when I wear heels is unbearable! I'm going to be starting Methotrexate in the near future and I'm hoping I'll be able to wear 2-3" heels if it gets rid of some of my pain. :)